‘Pimp my Cornish Clobber’  

starts january-

Through Artslab we have funding for our first project with Wheal Martyn Museum of the Clay country ‘Category is Cornish work wear’  

Young people will explore and select costumes from photographs and garments provided by our museums and archives.  

They will develop and design their own workwear through drawings, and mood boards. We will then support young people to construct at least 2 garments from scrap and upcycling.  

In the final session the young people will model and document their garments through large or medium format film photography. 

All the outputs will be exhibited at a relevant museum or heritage center event and or retail outlet windows.  

The projects main focus is on young people using scrap materials and fabrics to develop environmental sustainability, creating original ideas from heritage. By working with these materials and exhibiting their outputs we can develop conversations about a future Cornwall built on young people’s interpretations of the past. 

Many young people are aware of the social impacts of the fashion industry from lessons in school but aren’t given the skills to do anything about it. These fun and collaborative arts workshops will give young people the skills and confidence to create sustainable fashion and support change in their lifetime.  

Hidden Faces

Hidden Faces

The photography of Edward S Curtis, exploring the aboriginal cultures in the USA, feels like people want more of this today

Acting like animals

Acting like animals

Giving young people the opportunity to wear a mask has developed their confidence with seeing themselves and each other behind and in front of the lens. Originally I was exploring how we might blank out a models features and or break down emotions as in ancient theatre. I am inspired to engage in more costume making/disguises in the future.